The decade of the 1990’s was another period of rapid growth for the Turcotte's. By this time they were building new Gar Woods in their third building, a 40,000 square foot warehouse full of new Gar Woods being built by the Turcotte's as well as superb restorations.

From the first 33' 'Baby Gar' of 1987 the Turcotte's expanded the model line to include the following models: 16' Split cockpit, 16' Speedster, 19' Deluxe runabout, 22' Speedster, 22' and 25' Streamliner, and 22', 25', 28, 33', and 40' Custom Runabouts as well as 18', 20', and 24' Utilities. The 'Baby Gar' line was also expanded at this time to include the 28' Baby Gar.